Buddha Zhen

Buddha Zhen is the Zen Master who founded Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu & Taoist Tai Chi Chuan in 1992.

This Week’s Zen: www.ZenBuddhistPodcast.com

The ZEN BUDDHIST PODCAST OF Shaolin Zen had 200,000 downloads one year. About 1/2 million downloads before Buddha Zhen became homeless in 2011. So now, in 2020 Buddha Zhen is relaunching the “Zen Buddhist Podcast of Shaolin Zen” at www.ZenBuddhistPodcast.com These podcasts will be hosted at http://www.zenbuddhistpodcast.net They will also be available at all kinds …

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Restarting My Life is to Restart ShaolinZen.TV

I’ve been on a “VISION QUEST” for the past month. I’m still finishing it and figuring out what I’ve learned. One thing, that surprised me, was to change direction and launch ShaolinZen.TV website/radio station/television station… I went around my office and looked at my various strategies and plans I’d drawn up since moving here to …

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