Restarting My Life is to Restart ShaolinZen.TV

I’ve been on a “VISION QUEST” for the past month. I’m still finishing it and figuring out what I’ve learned.

One thing, that surprised me, was to change direction and launch ShaolinZen.TV website/radio station/television station…

I went around my office and looked at my various strategies and plans I’d drawn up since moving here to Lancaster in October. None of them had ShaolinZen.TV. If this was such a good idea–why hadn’t I thought of it?

Well, obviously, I’ve done more than think of it. I’ve tried to launch the website a few times but without any movies or… stuff to make it what it should be. More multi-media… as we said in the “old-school” days.

But here I am. Alone in reality–seeking not to be alone in an infinite Abbys of spiritual ether. (Yeah. I’m finding the logic to difficult to locate also.)

I could and maybe should go into more detail… but the reason I’m here… the reason I’m posting this FIRST POST of this NEW WordPress website designed by Rich Connor Singing Webmaster of Shaolin Digital for our parent company, Shaolin Communications which is owned by Richard Del Connor… me.

So I’m doing this for me. Huh?

I have to build a website, www.ShaolinZen.TV?

For me?

I have to somehow figure out how to make this a “MULTI-MEDIA” website?

For me?

I have to make this entertaining and fun?

For me?

Since this is “Shaolin” and that’s what I’m really promoting here then… what do I do?

For me?

The me-me-me-me-me thing is tickling me. I need to be more selfish. Most people need to be less selfish. Sorry for pointing that out…

For me? Well, I’ve had some fun up to here.

Perhaps I’ll explain more later, but this website was prominent in my Vision Quest.

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