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Buddha Zhen UPDATE

  • Audiobook Recording in new Shaolin Records Closet Studio, Lancaster, California
    • Recorded entire paperback novel, Masonic Kung Fu – Book 1
    • Edited and mixed final sound files and UPLOADED to

Update August 9, 2020

Yay. My first audiobook production. Masonic Kung Fu – Entered Apprentice by Richard Del Connor.

A lot of experimenting with SPL sound pressure levels in abs, digital limiters, parametric equalizers… I look forward to more experience to gain mastery in sound mixing.

AND: I made a new book cover for

AUDIOBOOK book cover for of Masonic Kung Fu – Entered Apprentice by Richard Del Connor

This is the DESCRIPTION for the audiobook to be published at

Richard Del Connor discovered “Masonic Kung Fu” on June 9, 2009 while practicing his Shaolin Kung Fu and studying for his Freemason “3rd Degree” test. Richard noticed that one of his Chinese Kung Fu forms (martial art dance) contained the secret hand signs and signals he’d been learning as firstly, an Entered Apprentice Mason. A little further in the form Richard noticed the secret hand signs of the 2nd Degree in masonry… then the 3rd Degree secrets… Richard excitedly took this dance to his Masonic Lodge and performed it for the 3rd Degree Master Masons. They took a vote and unanimously voted that this Kung Fu dance had been created to contain the secrets of Freemasonry. When he performed this “Ling Po” form fast, even the masons couldn’t see the secrets. But when he slowed down in certain spots he could hear the gasps as the masons recognized their “dugards” and “signs.” The Chinese name of this form translates to “Continuous Motion Form” so that even the title would prevent students from accidentally revealing the embedded secrets of Freemasonry.
During the research of this “Masonic Kung Fu” form, Richard found information that traced this masonic Kung Fu dance being passed between Kung Fu systems and even his own Grandmaster, Chiu Chuk Kai. So Richard created this fictional story to keep his past masters out of trouble. Based upon trues stories, Richard’s novel is of two Chinese teenagers rescuing a British Freemason secret agent who is trapped on the Chinese coast as the Japanese army invades China in 1937 to begin WWII.
This book is also an interesting comparison of the initiation secrets and ceremonies of English Freemasonry and Chinese Buddhist Kung Fu. The head shaving and killing of Hiram Abif are parallel ceremonies unknown to most people.
Although Richard Del Connor teaches this “Ling Po” (“Lian Bu”) in his Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Kung Fu schools, he only reveals the secrets to brother 3rd Degree Master Masons.

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