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Shaolin Zen TV VERSUS Coyote Radio TV

Coyote Radio Television was a dream of Richard Del Connor during the 1980s.  

When he began homeschooling his daughter in the 1990s he envisioned Shaolin Zen Television.

Coyote Radio TV has been a combination of several websites since 1999 when Richard Del Connor got his first iMac computer. During the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown, Richard began focusing on his Shaolin Kung Fu videos and less on his music, poetry and flute.  

On the day that Oscar died in March of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Richard had already written on his calendar to start recording the AUDIOBOOK version of TAO OF TAOISM.  Using the most recent publication of the book from 2015, Richard (as Buddha Zhen or Buddha Z) began videotaping the book to practice for the audiobook recording.

This evolved into the DAILY TAOIST series.  Now inspired by the loss of his Taoist Disciple and enjoying the book reading–Buddha Zhen videotaped in the vertical format for INSTAGRAM the entire book.

Realizing about half-way into the project how valuable this project was, Shaolin Zen decided to keep editing and refining these 69 videos of the DAILY TAOIST series into professional videos, for free, on the INSTAGRAM channel #buddhazhen

Like helping an old lady cross the road, this project offers a satisfaction in sharing.

But it was shot in VERTICAL format!!!  

No problem.  It was shot in 4K video so it can be edited into 16:9 HORIZONTAL format like YouTube videos normally are.  This results in a video quality above 2K and far above 1080p we normally upload at. 

 The Daily Taoist is one of the first series to be offered at Shaolin Zen TV.  Buddha Zhen says the future episodes may or may not depend upon audience enthusiasm.  

I know this information is worthwhile.  I feel bad more people don’t have any access to it.  But then I feel kind of bad when it seems no one wants access to it…  Hopefully this attitude will improve in my lifetime!”


Richard Del Connor is also the founder of Shaolin Records, Shaolin Music, Shaolin Communications and Shaolin Pictures.

Buddha Zhen READS

Tao Of Taoism — Using the Dao Te Ching to Improve Your Life

Based upon “Book Of Changes” by Lao Tzu.

69 Videos from 5 to 15 minutes.

Daily Taoist

Starring the author Buddha Zhen

Buddha Zhen READS

Masonic Kung Fu — Book 1.       

Novel about two Chinese teenagers rescuing a British Freemason in 1937 as Japanese attack Chinese coastal village.

___ Videos from __ to __ minutes.

Daily Taoist

Starring the author Buddha Zhen

Buddha Zhen READS

Tai Chi Beginner

Second Edition 1996 book


__ Videos from __ to __ minutes.

Daily Taoist

Starring the author Buddha Zhen

Why Join A School?

It’s all FREE.

Hopefully, it will also be some amount of FUN.

But this is Buddhism, and SHAOLIN Buddhism–so it has be a little difficult.


Sign up… Register… Get YOUR Student Membership.  

They’re all free, but you have to be a “STUDENT” before we can enroll you.  Something like that.


  • VISITOR Membership
  • INITIATE Membership


Start a “COURSE” which is a class… which is free… and which is hopefully going to be entertaining!

Most people don’t like school because they had crappy teachers. I’ve discovered I have a talent for teaching and it’s because I enjoy doing what I’m doing.  

Try to ENJOY the programs, classes, courses, book readings…

I’m also planning to have different programs and videos available only at certain Membership Levels…  


Complete a “Course.”  

I’m still building this website, so I haven’t even set up the certificates and awards… 

I’m reluctant to just send PDFs because I don’t think people will print their certificates.  But then, how many people are going to FRAME their certificate and proudly hang it… no matter how expensively it’s printed…

So I am planning to PRINT nice certificates with official stamps on them.  Then FRAME them and mail them…


Live a better and happier life.

Hopefully you’ll occasionally say, “Wow!  I was watching this video at ShaolinZEN.TV and it inspired me…”

Rich Connor Singing Webmaster

I would love to PAY people — but that would require money I don’t have.

I would appreciate help, support, encouragement… maybe even marketing and web mastering… and some book proofreading…

I have a PATREON.com account for Buddha Zhen and Shaolin Chi Mantis.  If you’d like to help financially, that would be surprisingly awesome.


Wanna Help?

ShaolinZen.TV is a one-man operation of Richard Del Connor.  Despite all his aliases… he’s only one person at a time.  

“Help me please…” said the webmaster stuck in the internet…

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